Getting out of your usual work environment is a great way to increase productivity and fight distractions. And in today’s grande mocha latte-driven world, coffee shops have become a home away from home for the self-employed and those who work from home.

In fact, research shows that the ambient background noise you’d encounter at your typical Starbucks can actually enhance creativity.

But when getting out of the house to work or study is not an option, you can turn to one of these three sites to generate ambient coffee shop noise or other sounds to help settle your mind.

  • Coffitivity — If you just want coffee shop noise and the ability to control volume, Coffitivity is for you. The creators suggest you play music alongside the service and set its volume level just higher than the ambient noise.
  • Soundrown — If you’d like a variety of ambient sounds to choose from, Soundrown offers eight different sounds for your changing mood, including waves, crickets, and kids at play. Unfortunately, its coffee shop noise sample is a 30-minute loop that features some distant banging that some may find too distracting to listen to during a study session.
  • Rainy Cafe — If the name doesn’t give it away, Rainy Cafe plays a rain track alongside the bustling noise of a coffee shop. It plays much louder than the other services, though, so I would advise you to turn down your system volume before visiting the site. On the upside, it does allow you to turn off either track for different moods; and I found its coffee shop noise to be more relaxing than the other two services.

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Image (edited): greenpin