Coconut oil is the kind of food that doesn’t just help your diet, it helps your life. It’s one of the few food products whose natural form allows for both internal and external use. You probably have your own brands of the many different forms coconut oil can take in your life. But it wouldn’t hurt for you to try out a natural product. Even if it doesn’t replace your original, you could find that it makes an excellent and cheaper backup.


Coconut oil has medium chain fatty acids that aid in skin absorption. Simply put, your skin soaks it right up so nicely there will be no greasy residue. The use of coconut oil doesn’t just help dry skin, though. It is said to help with infections and in reducing premature aging of the skin as well. Coconut oil has also been used on psoriasis and eczema due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, but there are no definitive scientific studies to back up its use in these cases.

Cooking aid

Coconut oil works well as a natural, less fatty butter substitute in cooking. Additionally, lay it in your pots and pans to help guarantee a nonstick surface. The light coconut flavor is also a welcome addition to many recipes.


Not only can coconut oil be ingested, but it has another intravenous use. As a lubricant. For that. And it’s way cheaper than other comparative products.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil works as a natural makeup remover too. Where other makeup removers have harsh properties that can hurt your eyes and/or skin if used improperly, coconut oil will not. Grab some and remove your eye makeup without worry.

Hair Conditioner

The molecular structure of coconut oil means that it is absorbed by the skin very easily. Already went over this. However, your scalp is also skin. And along with the absorption and moisturizing benefits coconut oil has anti-fungal properties that do a number on dandruff.


Bacteria in your armpits is what causes underarm order. Killing them cuts down on the stink. What has anti-bacterial properties? Coconut oil. If your regular stick is all gone, smear on a few dabs of coconut oil to help out until your get some more. Or you can just keep using it. Remember, there’s no greasy residue left, right? Plus, you’ll smell like the tropics.

Coconut oil varies in price depending on where you go, but if you go online you are guaranteed to save. And with it having so much versatility, you’re essentially buying several products in one. Natural products that are good for you, no less.

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Images (edited): JD Hancock, phuthinhco