Buying things you need is awesome, but screw paying full price if you don’t have to. Leave it to the last-minute to get the stuff you want when it’s the worst possible time to buy. You’re smart. You’re saving. And you need some good stuff. Read, take notes, and prepare for these season-related deals for summer.

Gym Memberships

Everyone wants a beach body; or rather, they want to make themselves believe they want a beach body. Gym memberships provide just that kind of purposeful denial — for a price. A hefty one, usually. But just before summer, they offer deals to convince you to join. Do it now and you can at least pretend you’re doing something to get in shape. (And for a lot less than usual.)


You want the latest super-huge flatscreen TV, but the price is too steep? Save up for this time of year. The Japanese fiscal year is ending and old stock is getting dumped in preparation for the latest models. You should be able to find some pretty good deals just in time for the hockey and basketball playoffs.

Party Supplies

Summertime hits and everyone wants to be out and about hanging with friends and family. Maybe you’re even going to host one of these events. Get your party supplies as soon as spring hits because that’s when prices are lowest. Wait until summer and the prices will increase with demand, as folks get the parties going. The price of beer and liquor, however, will remain pretty much the same.

Vacuum Cleaners

New vacuum cleaners come out in June, so get one in spring and it will come with great deals in preparation for new models. Go ahead, you know you could use an upgrade from the one grandma gave you.


Many parts of the country are warm year-round. The rest have winters — cold ugly times where joggers must stay inside and misery runs rampant. Springtime brings a new hope. People want to get in better shape and take to the road in that quest. The onslaught of interest in gym shoes makes it an excellent time to get a great pair of sneakers for awesomely low prices. And if you’re really smart, you’ll get more than one pair to last you until next year.


June is the early part of wedding and graduation season. You probably have several ridiculously ornate pieces of paper sitting on your kitchen table awaiting RSVPs, right? Well, those invites are good news for you — especially if you need to get some new cookware — because your culinary student roommate burnt the set you got as a graduation present.

Weddings mean that couples have to get registered and graduations mean folks have to get ready for college. All of this life-changing business means the price of cookware drops, since it’s one of the most sought-after items for new families and students. So take advantage. And hide them from your roommate.

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Images (edited): CherryPoint, Yello-Dog