As college students, we know how to stretch a dollar — whether it’s buying ramen for breakfast, lunch, and dinner or seeing how far past “E” our car can go — budgeting comes second nature to us. If you’re in need of some extra money, like we all are, then I have a great app find for you.

The App

ShopKick, a simple, easy-to-use app that gives you rewards for doing something you already do every day — shop. Registration is free and can be synced with Facebook; from there you can select one of many different gift cards to save up for from popular stores, such as Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, even iTunes and Gas cards, all with various values. On top of that, each day there are coupon-type books available offering exclusive deals at your favorite stores.

How to Use

While shopping, simply open the app, wait for it to find your location, and look at the products that offer “kicks” in the store you’re at. Find that item, scan the barcode, and receive kicks. Items range from 10 to 100 kicks and do not need to be purchased. To earn a gift card, you do need to collect 500+ kicks, which may seem like a lot, but when you can easily get over 100 kicks at each store, they do add up quickly!

The Takeaway

I won’t lie, I was extremely skeptical when I was first told about the app. I, like many others, thought that there was no way I’d ever see any reward — even if I collected kicks for a year. However, those doubts were put to rest after reading the hundreds of reviews in the App Store and seeing how highly rated it was. So I leave it to you, why not give it a shot? Get gift cards to great stores while walking around the mall, grocery store, or wherever!

You can download Shopkick for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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Image (edited): Mike Kalasnik