Google‘s Knowledge Graph is expanding into a new category today, with the addition of nutrition information to search results.

Over the next ten days, the company will be rolling out the feature — which includes over 1,000 foods and meals — to U.S. visitors. Essential fruits, vegetables, meats, and some meals will be apart of the initial release.

The nutrition info will appear when a user enters a query that contains a question about a supported food. For instance, “How many carbs are in an apple?” will return the complete nutrition facts of an apple and give users the option to choose from different types and sizes in a dropdown menu.

While users can find millions of results for these types of questions, it’s nice to have a definitive answer conveniently displayed in search results. Google says it will add more foods and additional language support over time, so we’ll see if the company can tackle more vague and hard-to-find nutrition facts.

The feature will be available in both desktop and mobile search results.

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