You know that your closet is for hanging clothes and your dresser is for folded clothes; but the clothes-folding process can be obnoxious, so grabbing some old hangers from the laundromat and letting them swing is much easier — or is it? If you use a proper folding technique, you could actually put your clothes away in as little time as it takes to hang them. Do that and you might have some extra room in your closet for that George Clooney standee.

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There are many variations of the military fold, where you roll the sock up and fold it over on itself to make it into a little ball. That works for space, but it also ruins the band of the sock so eventually it’s just limply hanging from your ankle. The better technique is to fold them into a kind of modified tube. This technique is simple and quick so that you can get those obnoxious things taken care of so you can get back to business. After all, video games won’t play themselves.


You have shirts all over the place, but you’re not into folding or hanging them up? That’s understandable. Did you know you could fold them in just seconds, though? Of course you didn’t, that’s why you’re reading this!

Not only is the technique quick, but the folds are nice and tight so you can place more shirts into smaller spaces to leave room for other, more important things — like your brand new six-person giant hookah. The directions are in Japanese, but just do what their hands do. It’s basically a few pinches and a twist.

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Women’s Underwear

Underwear isn’t difficult to fold, but if you do it right you can fit way more clothes in your dresser. The key is making shapes. Much like shirts, making distinct shapes enables your folded clothing to fit tightly into the corners of your drawers so that there’s no wasted space.

Men’s Boxers

If you wear men’s briefs you can follow the women’s underwear tutorial. Not trying to say anything about your choice of underwear, it just works better due to the shape of the garment.

Now, if you have boxers or boxer briefs, your technique is similar towards the end, but starts differently. Watch this video through to 0:55 and pause.

The rest of his instructions involve a technique that will stretch the band of your underwear reducing their longevity, much like the military fold of the sock. Instead, go back to the  women’s briefs video and start it at 0:46. It may look dainty, but it will leave a ton of space in your drawers when you pack ‘em in nice and tight and they’ll last for as long as they’re supposed to — which is a couple of months.

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Image: fred_v