Unpaid internships are only slightly more helpful than no internship in helping college students get jobs, according to a new survey.

For its 2013 Student Survey, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) asked more than 9,200 college seniors about paid and unpaid internships and their luck with finding jobs. The results showed that 63.1 percent of students with paid internship experience had received at least one job offer.

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On the other hand, only 37 percent of students who participated in unpaid internships had received job offers. That is only 1.8 percent more than the 35.2 percent who had no internship experience but still managed to receive at least one job offer.

Paid internships also propel more students into jobs at the conclusion of an internship, with 36 percent of paid interns receiving an offer, compared to only 17 percent for unpaid interns.

In fact, the starting salary of those who interned for no pay was actually worse than those who chose not to intern. The median salary of the unpaid interns was $35,721, while their no internship counterparts started out at a median of $37,087.

Those who had paid internship experience had a median starting salary of $51,930.

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Do Unpaid Internships Lead to Jobs? Not for College Students | The Atlantic

Image: Gettysburg College