Summer is HERE! Tis the season to burn more calories, right? Heading out for a workout isn’t always easy, especially when you’ve got so many barriers — work, summer classes, hangovers, exhaustion, laziness, etc.

Not to mention catching up on TV shows you missed during finals! Well, relax, here’s an awesome list of 10 ways to burn 100 calories. Everyone burns calories at a different rate, so this estimate is for a 130-pound female, who I consider to be the average college student looking to burn off those summer cocktails!

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12 Minutes of Biking 12-14 mph (or 25 minutes of Leisurely Biking)

This is one of the easiest ways to go out and burn calories. If you’ve got a bike, or a friend with a bike, it doesn’t take much effort to head out into the streets of your town for a quick 12-minute jaunt around the neighborhood. You can also plan to bike to class or work, getting your 25-minute leisurely ride every day.

Looking to burn more calories? Go for a longer ride at the same pace and just do the math!

Dancing – 17 Minutes

Next time you’re partying it up in a dank basement, don’t be afraid to hit the dance floor. You only have to dance to about 4-5 songs and you’ve earned that drink in your hand. Up for dancing all night? Good for you; just remember to stay hydrated as you burn, baby, burn!

A 15-Minute Jog

This one is my personal favorites. What better way to start your day than with a casual 15-minute jog? Throw on your running clothes as soon as you get up, and by the time you’re awake enough for the day, you’ll be done with your run!

18 Minutes of Swimming (moderate)

You spend a lot of time at the beach during the summer, right? Well, lucky for you, that time in the water is a huge help. Whether doing slow laps in the pool or swimming around and treading water in the ocean, it only takes eighteen minutes to burn 100 calories.

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Jumping Jacks for 22 Minutes

I would love to see someone doing jumping jacks for 22 whole minutes. It sounds funny, but it’s such an easy way to burn calories. Turn on your favorite TV show, and start looking like a maniac in your own living room. With only 22 minutes necessary, you’ll still have 8 minutes left to enjoy your show from the couch with a cup of coffee.

30 Minutes of Weightlifting

We’re not talking CrossFit-style lifting. This number refers to simple weightlifting that you can do at home with milk jugs and soup cans. It only takes 30 minutes to earn that cookie! And studies show that weight training in the morning helps your body burn more calories for the rest of the day. That’s a good reason to get up 30 minutes early.

22 Minutes of Sit-Ups (Moderate)

This is another workout you can do in your living room while watching TV or listening to music. If you want to power through your sit-ups, you can do “vigorous” sit-ups for about 12 minutes, but I prefer the moderate pace for 22 minutes. Grab your yoga mat and your Hulu account and go watch a 22-minute episode of New Girl while getting your workout on.

40 Minutes of Yoga (Hatha/Moderate)

Let’s all slow down for a moment. Stressed from classes and studying and working and being social? This is the easiest way to burn 100 calories because it hardly feels like work at all.

And moderate yoga is the most hangover-friendly workout on the planet. If you are battling a hangover, I’d avoid styles like Vinyasa and Power Yoga. (Too many downward-facing dogs will make you wanna hurl.)

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Elliptical Training – 10 Minutes

Seriously. Ten short minutes on the elliptical will shed 100 calories from your day. Keep it at a moderate pace and you’ll be amazed how fast the time goes by!

Last, But Not Certainly Least: 25 Minutes of Sex

We know this is a lot of time in the sack for some partners, but for the rest of the red-blooded college students, this should be no problem. What a fun way to burn off a beer! Just remember: you burn more when you’re on top!

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