Several years after the saying, “There’s an App for that,” was coined, the statement couldn’t be truer today. We’ve got apps for just about everything under the sun, both free and paid. As we head into summer, I’ve compiled a list of great weight loss apps to help you with your summer diet, so you can feel confident and healthy all summer long!

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MyFitnessPal is an excellent companion to your summer diet. It is a food and exercise diary that helps you reach your weight loss goals. It also has a facet of accountability when you link it to your Facebook or other social network. This way your friends know if you’re following your plan or not!

These features help you see exactly how much you’re eating and how much you’re burning, and incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle. Tracking food is one of our biggest issues these days, but you can track the exact foods and workouts easily, which means you’re much less likely to cheat and alter the serving sizes of your favorite junk foods! Remember to count those extra chocolate chip cookies and late-night snacks!

MyFitnessPal is available free on the web, iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.


It seems like this app is directed at busy moms and dads scouring the grocery store to find quick and easy meals for their kids. Quick and easy also applies to the rest of us, especially college students, so it can help you too. Fooducate has compiled the nutrition information for thousands of products, and given them each a “grade” based on their nutrition.

You simply scan the item’s barcode with your smartphone, and it will tell you that those Craisins only score a B-, while those raw almonds are an A. If you’re planning a diet, it will help you to cut through the BS of those confusing nutrition labels so you can eat wholesome food all day long.

Fooducate has a web app, as well as free smartphone apps available for iPhone and Android.


This app is very similar to MyFitnessPal in that it provides easy ways for you to track your food intake and manage your workouts from your smartphone. It’s super user-friendly, allowing you to set goals in different categories, such as weight, sleep, exercise, macronutrients, and more. It incorporates complete wellness in your food and exercise tracking, leading you to a healthy, balanced body.

My favorite thing about LoseIt! is that you can scan the barcode of your food items as an easy way of inputting them into your food diary. If you buy packaged goods, fruits, and vegetables with barcodes at the grocery store, it’s much easier to input them with the LoseIt! app than to type and search. Because of this feature, I’d actually recommend eating wrapped fruits and veggies for the first 3-5 days so you can gauge exactly how much you’re eating and what kind of nutrients you get from those serving sizes.

LoseIt! provides its users with a web interface and has free apps available for both iPhone and Android.

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Image (edited): Alan Cleaver