Being in college is the best 4 (or 5, 6, or 7) years of your life.

Aside from all of the lectures, homework, papers, and exams, you meet new friends, make life-long relationships and memories that you can pass on to your children before they begin their own college careers.

Unfortunately, all that stuff also brings chaos and busy schedules. This is where we turn to technology.

This list will take a look at three productivity apps for college students that are perfect for getting things done. Not only will these apps help you keep up with everything you need for class, but if you use them right, you’ll have the free time to catch all the football games, concerts, and social gigs you ever wanted.

Ready to get on top of your college game? Let’s go!

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Chances are if you have a smartphone or a tablet device, you’ve heard of Evernote. Not only is it good for college students, it’s great for anyone who wants a one-place-for-everything notes archive.

This application takes your typical note-taking process, and makes it convenient and easy to use no matter where you are. First of all, its a cloud-based service that syncs across all your devices. This means that while you’re in class taking notes on your laptop, you can access the same notes on your tablet when you’re at a coffee shop, or even study your notes before bed on your smartphone.

Furthermore, each time you want to make an update or add a new note, the new content will again be synced to all of your devices. Pictures are fair game as well, and any text in photos can be searchable in your notes.

Evernote is also great for meetings or making reminders. The application has multiple options for making folders and how your content is stored. This means if you are starting a new club at school and want to remember who everyone is, you can simply open up the folder for that group and add little reminders that will help you remember who the new contacts are. These folders also make it easy to organize your classes, meetings, and personal life into different categories that are perfect for each occasion.

Lastly, Evernote offers a great ‘to-do’ list option that allows you to check off reminders as you complete them.

Overall, Evernote is one of the most popular resources in the App Store, and for good reason: It’s the ultimate app for eliminating paper altogether. To take office minimization and paper elimination to another level, use Google Docs to collaborate with classmatesDropbox to store and save documents in the cloud, and an online fax service (instead of running out to find a machine).

iStudiez Pro

iStudiez Pro is a well-rounded program that combines a lot of apps you may find yourself using on a regular basis. It features a calendar, homework diary, and daily planner, making it very easy to log your homework assignments, grades, and other important events in your life.

You can also set reminders to ensure that you never forget when a paper is due or when you need to be in class. iStudiez Pro can also be synced to other devices, making it perfect for at-home or on-the-go usage.

Share Your Board

This app will revolutionize the way you take notes.

An app that will really help you when taking notes is Share Your Board. It allows you to utilize the camera option on your device to take pictures of a whiteboard. What’s truly great about this option is the fact that you can then turn the picture into a PDF and make your own notes on the image. Furthermore, you can send your images to friends and they can update their own notes and continue the sharing process.

Share Your Board makes it very easy for an entire class to take and share notes from a lecture — all without cramping your hand from writing or typing as quickly as the professor speaks.

While balancing your social life and your studies is on you, these apps will at least give you the opportunity to do so easier than ever before. Each app allows you to utilize technology to become a more productive college student.

In closing, adding these three productivity hacks to your tool belt this semester (along with careful prioritizing) will make your note-taking, studying, and overall college experience more organized, sharp, and efficient.

What other apps are especially beneficial for college students? Chime in below.

This guest post was written by Jeremy Page. Jeremy is an internet entrepreneur and owner at Empower Network System. He lives outside Salt Lake City, UT.