What’s more fun than having a party? Having a party on the cheap. Anyone can throw money at a good time to try to make it happen and still fail. The truly enterprising minds will find ways to spend less money and maximize everyone’s good time. Do you accept the challenge?

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Aluminum Foil Disco Ball ($6 Ball Plus Any Aluminum You Have)

You may be looking to throw a great party on the cheap, but that’s no reason to go without some fancy decor. Making an aluminum foil disco ball will provide endless dazzling moments of entertainment for your guests. Just make sure your cats are locked in the bedroom or there will be complications.

The instructions for making an aluminum foil mirror ball are simple enough. You can get a Styrofoam ball from the craft store for crazy cheap, wrap that baby in foil, and hang it using a paper clip and rubber band. Use some mini-LED flashlights to light that bad boy up and enjoy.

Laundry Detergent + Black Light = Visual Delight

Do you have laundry detergent? If not, gross. Now, go borrow a cup because you don’t need much. Pour it into a bucket of water and leave it next to a bare white wall.

Set the black light up nearby and turn out the lights. When your guests arrive, be sure to have them dip their hands in the bucket and make some funky designs on your wall. What’s really cool, though, is that when you turn the lights back on, the wall just looks wet. No damage, which means no angry landlord.

A decent black light will cost you about $16. Along with the styrofoam ball you’re at $22. Looking good so far.

Have a Friend DJ

There is so much cheap equipment and free software out there, that all you really need is a laptop and you or a friend could be DJ-ing the night away. If you have a desktop, you could plug it into your speakers and DJ the main party from a back bedroom.

You could learn how to DJ yourself, but you should probably get a friend to do it. And they get to play big shot while you get to focus on being a good host. Cut corners where you can and the rewards you reap will compound themselves later.

Everclear (Not the Band)

Depending on your location, this may or may not be legal; but a fifth of Everclear in some juice will pack a punch and won’t be too costly. The Everclear (151) will be about $16 and a gallon of juice is about $4. You’ve got a decent party going so far and you’re only at $42.

Offer Favors for Any Extras You Need

Want your friends to bring some food? Need more booze or beer? Make it a contest. Most unique dish or wildest liquor wins a prize. The prize? Offer to wash their car or clean their apartment for free. Have fun with the idea. Offer to do it in some sort of costume. The more people feel engaged — not put upon — to help you with the party, the more fun it will be.

And all that for $42? Not bad. Not bad at all.


ImageAndres Rodriguez