Rachel S. of Michigan State University is the winner of our Dell XPS 12 giveaway. From everyone here at HackCollege, we truly hope you enjoy your new ultrabook. (Meaning, don’t break it during an intense game of Fruit Ninja!)

But as a Music Education major, you know how to play with expensive things, so we know you’ll be fine.

Speaking of music, though, you’ll probably be needing some app recommendations for your new PC. Well, wish granted:

  • If you do music tutoring on the side, you can use Music Notes to help your pupils with their sight reading.
  • And if for some reason, no one has a metronome, you can show off your slick Metronome+ app.
  • Finally, if you ever get tired of being an awesome musician, you can always dip your toes into music production with Music Maker Jam.

This giveaway had a great turnout, with around 500 entries. We’re sorry that we can’t give an XPS 12 to everyone, but we hope you participate in our future giveaways. We’ve got some exciting ones in the works, so keep visiting us to make sure you catch them!


Image: Alexis Fam