Summer is here, and we’ve got at least another six weeks to enjoy the beautiful weather, the break from school, and the loose morals that come along with it, right? Well, before you get too crazy in the heat, make sure you’re aware of these summer hazards so you make it through your vacation safely.

Sun Damage

We all want beautiful bronze skin; we all look “better, skinnier, healthier, and more muscular” when we’re tan, but it’s a dangerously vain habit to keep up. If you love that natural sun-kissed look, it’s okay to get a little color, but baking in the sun for 8 hours on your one day off is a terrible idea.

To limit sun damage, buy body lotion and face moisturizer with SPF 15 and use it daily. Then when you’re out in the sun, don’t be afraid to lather up with SPF 30. You’re sure to get some color no matter what, but you want to do your best to avoid serious exposure or you might return to school in the fall with wrinkles, skin scarring, and unsightly brown spots on your shoulders and forehead.

Driving Risks

We all worry about icy roads and snow banks in winter; but in actuality, this awareness often leads to fewer accidents during storms than during clear summer days.

During summer, there are a lot more teens on the roads at all hours of the day and night. If you’re in a touristy or beach area, there are more strangers on the roads. No matter where you are, there are a lot more bicyclists and motorcyclists on the road, and the risk of tire blowouts increases with every degree. Not to mention the increase of impaired drivers on the roads as summer BBQs and weekend parties kick off. Stay safe on the roads!

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Drinking Too Much

In addition to the above driving risks, people have a harder time noticing alcohol impairment during summer — often due to dehydration and sun exposure.

It’s common for new drivers and college students to spend a day at the beach, and then head over to happy hour without thinking about their lack of food and water. That cosmopolitan is going to hit you a lot harder in the summer heat if you don’t maintain your food and water intake! Be careful when you’re imbibing in the heat, and make sure you have a safe way to get home.

Keep an extra close eye on the drivers at those summer BBQs before letting them get behind the wheel.


Just because it’s summer and you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you’re invisible. Just remember: your boss is watching. Your professor might also be watching. And your parents? They’re probably watching too. Keep it clean and save the bikini model photo shoots and drunken mooning off the F’book.

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Water cures just about anything: colds, flus, hangovers, acne, constipation, you name it. Unfortunately, we don’t place enough importance on the stuff during the summer, which tends to cause all kinds of unattractive and uncomfortable situations.

If you don’t stay hydrated in the heat, you’re more likely to lower your immune system, get dangerously drunk, faint, or experience heat stroke. So make sure you drink as much (water) as you possibly can when you’re out in the heat.

False Wealth

Finally, the most superficial problem of all: false wealth. This probably won’t affect your long-term health or anything, but when you move back in with your parents and pick up a summer job, you might feel rich. This is dangerous.

You still have another nine months of schooling ahead of you, so you have to make those three months of paychecks last. Sure, you can buy a few extra things while you’re not paying rent or tuition; but once September hits, you’re back to square broke, so don’t get too crazy.

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Image: Robert Huffstutter