If you want to get ahead in this world, a high school diploma won’t cut it anymore. Many jobs today require a college degree or, at minimum, some form of specialized training. But life can get in the way of continuing a post-high school education. For students who lack the time, money, and resources of an on-campus college, online classes offer many benefits.

Graduate with Little to No Debt

The biggest problem with traditional brick-and-mortar colleges is the painful way the price tag rises every year. Since 1987, private college tuition has increased by 60% and public university tuition has risen 104%.

The rising costs combined with decreased state funding forces students to pay more, even with loans and tax breaks. And let’s not forget all the hidden costs that come with housing, meal plans, basic necessities, etc. An online college, such as Ashworth College, can offer several affordable payment plans you choose which best fit your financial situation. You’ll graduate with a degree but without the 20+ years of debt.

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Study at Your Own Pace

A big advantage to taking classes online is the pace you set for yourself. Online colleges allow quite a lot of flexibility and ease that a traditional college doesn’t.

Sitting in a classroom, you’re forced to work at the professor’s pace. Sometimes, this pace is too fast for you to understand the material or too slow that you find yourself bored. Going online, you choose when, where, and how you learn. That means the couch is your classroom and pajamas are your dress code.

Save Money on Everyday Expenses

Besides saving money on tuition, fees, and books, online classes will save you money in other areas you might not have realized. If you have young children and can’t afford daycare, online classes allow to you to care for your family at home while still earning your degree.

Another expense is gas for commuting to campus. Commuting means you’re spending extra money on gas. Online college allows you to work from home, without having to waste time in traffic to sit in a classroom. Furthermore, most students are working part-time or full-time jobs while studying. The flexibility of studying at your own pace makes it much easier to keep and maintain a job.

Advance or Change Your Career

The majority of online college students enroll because they want to advance their career or make a career change. Furthering your education will almost certainly lead to a better job and better pay, while lowering your chance of unemployment.

Online colleges usually offer many classes in business, health care, education and social sciences – industries that are in-demand today. Many offer their graduates career counseling, career preparation, and placement services to enhance employment opportunities.

Learn Skills in Time Management, Self-Discipline, and Responsibility

Critics of online college claim that traditional institutions require students to develop more discipline while obtaining a degree. However, the opposite is true.

In reality, earning your degree online will teach you how to effectively manage your time, prioritize tasks, take responsibility for learning, and become self-reliant. The value in these skills cannot be understated and will prove very useful. Time management, responsibility and self-sufficiency will benefit both your personal and professional life.

Like the sound of more money in the bank and no student loans? Consider an online college education.

About the Author: Kyla Ross is a career training and education blogger for Ashworth College, an accredited online institution, and is finishing her own college degree (but she’d rather not think of that).


Image: Johan Larsson