Editor’s Note: This is part two of College Transitions, a twice-weekly series of video posts brought to you by Lisa Ferguson and TYTUniversity.

You’ve been dreaming of college. The parties, the football games, the late night food (aka beer) runs. It’s all part of the incredible experience that awaits. But hang on — you’re going to a new school, new city, without all your high school friends.

Who will you hang out with? How can you meet people? Will your college friends be just as cool as your old friends from home? Are you panicking yet?! Well, don’t worry! Making new friends in college can be easy and fun, especially with a few simple tips.

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Don’t Stress!

Yes, the thought of starting over in a new place can be scary. But remember – college is probably the most fun, exciting thing you’ve ever done. It’s the perfect combination of absolute freedom and very little responsibility, and everyone around you knows it. They’re all ready to have as much fun as you are, so relax, say hi, and get ready for the time of your life!

Meet Your Roommate

You don’t need to wait until the first day of school to meet your new roomie. Your university will send you a letter with your roommate’s name and contact info, so call them, email them, or friend them on Facebook! It’s a great chance to get to know each other now and avoid that awkward first encounter come move-in day.

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Join Campus Clubs

Maybe you have your heart set on a certain fraternity or sorority. Or maybe Greek life just isn’t your thing. But no matter what you’re into, there’s a group out there for you! Universities offer groups and clubs on almost any topic you can possibly think of. If you don’t find your favorite club, you can always start your own.

Get a Job

College towns are never in short supply of jobs. Whether you’re working on-campus or off, you’re bound to meet other college students with your same activities and interests.

Check Out the Gym

It’s not just a place to pick up your next date — the gym can also be a great way to meet new friends. If the weight rack doesn’t do it for you, try taking a yoga, spin, or kickboxing class. Pretty soon, you’ll start seeing familiar faces. The best part? It’s FREE!

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Stay Safe

One word of warning — colleges are notorious for risky sex and drinking behavior. This can largely be influenced by the people around you, so make sure to choose your friends carefully!

The most important thing is to just get involved! There’s no shortage of activities or people your age. So get out there! You’ll be making friends in no time.


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