Editor’s Note: This summer may almost be over, but if just got back from touring Europe or just need some quick cash before the fall semester, you can always check on some of these jobs. And keep this post bookmarked for next summer! We know you’ll be scrambling for extra income ideas at the last minute.

Let’s face it: Nobody really wants an early-morning, stress-inducing, brain-requiring job for summer vacation. As much as we say we want to score a sweet internship or an awesomely high-paying professional gig, it’s only half true. For those of you who aren’t kidding yourselves, here’s a list of summer jobs for college students that are hangover and vacation-friendly.

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Pool Lifeguarding

Okay; this job might not be that easy. There may be some early wake up calls and lives are often in your hands. However, you get to spend your summer sitting in the sun all day long.

If you work at an outdoor pool or lake, your earliest shift will probably be 10am, and local community pools rarely have incidents. You get into the pool for free all summer, you can stare at anybody you want behind your sunglasses — under the guise of your job — and you can make friends with plenty of scantily clad individuals. Just keep one eye on the kids in the deep end and you’re in good shape!

YMCA Summer Camps

Okay, running around taking care of kids all day may not exactly sound easy, but considering you get free membership to the gym and you get to spend time outside, it’s not a bad gig!

There are lots of different summer programs available at YMCAs across the country, so consider whatever skills you’ve got to bring to the table and start making contacts! It’s always good to have someone from a Y recommend you, so ask around to see if anyone knows anyone, and you might have an awesome outdoor part-time job this summer.


The shifts are never too early or too late, you get an employee discount, and part of your job is socializing; not bad, right? The retail industry has one of the fastest turnovers of any part-time industry out there — possibly even faster than restaurants. While this doesn’t bode well for the enjoyment of your job, it is great for actually scoring a job.

You don’t need to have any kind of a degree or set of skills to work in retail. You just need to be friendly, honest, and willing to learn. Integrity in retail is important if you want recommendations and potential jobs in the future. If you’re in a corporate store with a super-fast turnover, you might even move up to management before the summer ends. And, after a few weeks on the job, you get more say over your schedule.


Yes, working as a bartender has a way of supporting college-age alcoholism. No, I’m not bashing bartenders. Bartending is often a very difficult job, but the nice thing about this difficult job is that you really earn your money. You can normally sleep until at least 1pm, and your friends can visit you while you work.

Additionally, it’s always good to spread your wings a little bit and make friends outside of your college circle. Bartending is a great place for that, as coworkers and customers are often in your age range. If you’re not old enough to make drinks in your state, look for a job waiting tables in the dining room instead.


Being a nanny is essentially raising someone else’s kids and getting paid to do it. However, if you’ve got a little experience babysitting, coaching, or just being around young ones, you can normally get a decent hourly rate, which is often under the table. (Not that we recommend skirting your responsibilities.)

Find out who in your wide circle is expecting a baby, or heading back to work after a raising-kids hiatus. Make sure you look to high school teachers, coaches, your parents’ friends, and your friends’ aunts’ friends. Most parents are looking for someone with a respectable character who won’t let their children put their wet fingers in electrical outlets. So if you can manage this, you could have a pretty solid job for the summer.

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