Editor’s Note: This is part four of College Transitions, a twice-weekly series of video posts brought to you by Lisa Ferguson and TYTUniversity.

The dreaded “freshman 15!” We’ve all heard the horrifying tales of heading off to college, gaining weight, and never, ever looking or feeling the same again. But plenty of students make it through college while staying healthy; and you can do it, too! Just keep these few tips in mind.

Understand Weight Gain

We usually gain weight for two reasons:

  • We become less active
  • We start eating more

This hits many of us in college because we trade in high school sports for studying in the library and end up eating a lot of delicious (and unhealthy) food in the dining halls.

Prioritize Your Health

Being healthy isn’t just about making good decisions, it’s about adopting a healthier lifestyle. Make smart and healthy choices as part of your daily routine, and soon they’ll become habits instead of burdens.

Find Better Foods

Dorm cafeterias and dining halls have a lot of fried, greasy, and fatty foods. But don’t forget the fruit, sandwiches, and salads. Fill up on healthier food in the dorm (and the grocery store) before you let the junk food tempt you.

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Seek Nutrition Help on Campus

College campuses are full of incredible resources, most of which are free. Check out your university’s nutrition and health programs for some extra guidance.

Get Active

Remember to work exercise into your daily routine. Visit the free gym on campus, take a dancing class, or join an intramural sports team. Not only will you stay fit, but you’ll also get a big endorphin boost and a break from studying.


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