If you’re concerned with your health and level of activity, there’s a new tech bandwagon you might actually want to jump on. Fitness devices are making it easier than ever to track workout progress through wearable trackers and smartphone apps. Two of these devices in particular, the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP, are taking the old school pedometer to new levels.

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Track Everything

The idea behind these devices is simple: The device keeps track of your movement throughout the day and presents that data in graphs and charts to show you everything you need to know about your level of activity. Through smartphone apps, reminders keep you motivated and moving while alerts let you when you’re on the brink of an achievement.

In addition to your activity, the Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP both work as sleep trackers. And while we’ve seen plenty of smartphone apps that do the same, these wearable devices make it a much simpler task than setting up and keeping your phone next your pillow at night.


One of the greatest things about these fitness devices is that they turn workouts into a game. We’ve seen apps do this in almost every category in recent years, including fitness with services like Fitocracy. This is where a lot of the motivation comes from. Badges and achievements work to make sure you’re constantly being rewarded for going the extra mile.

And the cool integration these devices have with our smartphones also bring social features into the mix. With the Fitbit Flex, you can encourage your friends to complete their goals or crush their dreams by beating them in an activity competition.


Investing in a fitness device means you need to be prepared to meet the goals it sets; the gamification effect may wear off, leaving you unmotivated, out $100 or more, and back to where you started. So before you run out and buy one on impulse, make sure this is something you’re genuinely interested in. If it is, be sure to look into the Quantified Self movement.

Is It for You?

If you’re looking to motivate yourself to be more active, a fitness device is definitely worth considering. The problem is, most workouts at the gym aren’t going to be properly tracked, as these devices deal with steps taken. But if you plan on walking or running in order to up your activity level, they work great.


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