Personal finance is a topic we tackle frequently here at HackCollege. From savings methods to budgeting tips, we’re always looking for money-saving techniques and advice to help you do more for less.

Our friends at BookRenter have taken the financial problems associated with college to the extreme by challenging one student, David Levitz, to live on the average college student’s budget for a semester. In this challenge, dubbed “The Rented Life,” David must “rent, borrow, and barter” to save as much money as possible.

And saving as much money as possible is something all college students should be attempting. To help his fellow students do so, David will be tweeting various money-saving tips as he goes throughout his day as a full-time student at the University of Minnesota.

Some of the tips he’s shared so far include:

  • Hold off on buying textbooks because some may be optional. In David’s case, half of his classes had some that are optional. (Also read: 5 Ways to Save on Textbooks This Year.)
  • If possible, use a bike as a cheap and healthy way to travel around campus and town. (HackCollege founder Kelly Sutton was very fond of bikes during his college days.)
  • Wait as long as possible to do your laundry and mix everything in on cold (it’s safe). The large washers and dryers found on campuses and at laundromats can handle a lot more than you think. (See more laundry tips here.)