If you’re a student who’s just now catching up on the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), you’ll be pleased to find out that the new law will allow you to remain on your parents’ insurance until age 26. For many recent graduates, this will help offset the high costs of an individual marketplace or employer-provided plan.

It will especially benefit the 48 percent of recent graduates who are working jobs that don’t require a college degree — jobs that are likely low-paying and lacking in affordable health plans.

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All health insurers are required to allow you to remain on your parents’ insurance, even if you live on your own or are married. Some plans are not currently required to do so if your employer offers you insurance, but that exception expires in January 2014.

If your parents plan to buy a new family plan from the new Healthcare.gov marketplace, make sure they know that you can also be included. If they already have a plan through an employer, have them find out about the next open or special enrollment periods so they can weigh the costs of adding you to their current plan.

For more information on how the Affordable Care Act affects young adults, see this NBC News feature.


Image: Alan Cleaver