When youʼre a college student on a budget, decorating isnʼt the easiest thing. Finding decor thatʼs both attractive and affordable is near impossible. But if you feel like being crafty, there are tons of ways to make decent looking decor without draining your bank account. If youʼre thinking, “Oh, I live in a dorm, so I canʼt really do anything,”  youʼre wrong. Hereʼs one of the many projects that I found– a DIY fall wreath.

When I got supplies, I was able to keep it under $25. (I didnʼt use any coupons.) I went out to two different stores a few days before I started the project and compared prices of the items I needed, and this was useful. There were some items that were cheaper at the other store (and both of these stores are about a mile from each other), so shopping for supplies wasnʼt a hassle.

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Hereʼs what youʼre going to need:

  • A styrofoam ring (I used a 12in. But you can get one smaller or bigger depending on your budget)
  • A wreath hanger (there are command strips, but those are more expensive as well)
  • 1 roll of yarn
  • Felt (I got 5 sheets for $1)
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Optional embellishments (ribbon, leaves, pumpkins, etc.)


Step 1

Hot glue the beginning of the yarn to the ring, and wait for it to dry (about a minute).

Step 2

Wrap the yarn around the wreath. Youʼre going to have to pass the yarn through the ring so it doesnʼt get tangled up. I still have enough yarn to make another wreath if I wanted to, so donʼt worry about running out unless your wreath is about 40 inches. I wrapped the yarn around twice, as I wanted to make sure that you couldnʼt see the styrofoam underneath it.


Step 3

Once youʼre happy with the yarn you have around your wreath, hot glue the last piece down.

Step 4

Cut out shapes similar to a cloud from your felt. If you draw the shape (like I did), however, make sure that youʼre cutting inside the lines so that the lines donʼt show.

Step 5

Youʼre now going to make a spiral cut. Start somewhere on the outside of the cloud shape, and then spiral the cut in. Spiral in as much as possible and you should be left with a circle/oval shape, but DO NOT CUT THIS. This is going to be your base for your next step.


Step 6

Starting from where you began to cut, roll the felt in, and once youʼve rolled it all in you should be left with your circle. Hot glue the bottom of the felt flower and then place the circle over it.

Step 7

Hot glue your felt flower onto the yarn.

Step 8

Make as many flowers as you want by repeating steps 5-7.


Step 9

Add embellishments. I hot glued a few flowers onto mine and used the burlap to hang the wreath and our initial across the center.

Step 10

Hang it up with your wreath hanger and enjoy!



If you have any questions about the process or need help finding materials, let us know in the comments below!


About the Author: Rachel West is a newlywed with a knack for budgeting and DIY projects. While currently enjoying a life of arts and crafts, she hopes to one day be a nurse.