Halloween is amazing. Going from high school Halloween to college Halloween is like getting slapped with a handful of awesome. Whether the 31st falls on a Tuesday or a Saturday, you’re sure to have 3-4 days of parties, and amazing costumes are a must.

This can be difficult on a college budget, with limited time, and store-bought costumes starting at $40 a pop, but with a little creativity, it’s definitely possible. Additionally, this holiday is often the perfect excuse for ladies to strip down and show their — ahem — feminine side, but those of us in the north like to keep things covered up, since it’s often frigid outside on October 31st.

So, without further ado, here are a few easy and cheap Halloween costume ideas that don’t require nudity or lingerie.

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Walter White

Walter White Costume

Main Image (edited) : Ann Althouse, Walter White Image: Kevin McShane

Since Breaking Bad just ended, there’s no better time to take advantage of the super-simple costume of Walter White. I’d really recommend this for a guy, but if you ladies can manage to wear a fake-bald head and fake mustache, then more power to you!

This one is great for guys because you just need a mustache, 90’s old-man glasses, khakis, and a button-down. Feel free to carry blue rock candy around with you, or make blue-tinted vodka lollipops. If you want something a little more costume-like, here are more ideas for the Walter-White-Heisenburg costume.

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Costume

Image: NamTagraphy

Seriously, this is SO easy, especially if you already have long dark hair. Hit up the local thrift stores and discount stores and find a pair of army green cargo pants, and a fitted black t-shirt.

Get your hands on some heavy-duty boots, or just wear your stylish black knee-highs. Pull your hair into a side braid and that’s it! If you want to take things up a notch, look for a kids’ bow and arrow set or make your own, and maybe paint a small gold Mockingjay symbol onto your shirt.

Paulie from Juno

Paulie from Juno Costume

Image: Nino Baez

Go to any thrift store and find an 80’s-looking track/cross country race uniform. Score a matching headband and amazing high white socks and you’re good to go. If you can, you should definitely stop by CVS and grab as many containers of orange Tic Tacs as you can comfortably carry.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil Costume

Image: Steven Mileham

Fitted black dress, check. Now add a cheap white boa, long red gloves, red lipstick, and some black and white hairspray and you’re good to go. If you want, you can always slap on a pair of awesome red high heels, and carry around a stuffed Dalmatian.

If you’re in a really cold climate, you can skip the boa, and hit up the thrift store for a fake fur coat to complete the ensemble.

Game Board

Scrabble Costume

Image: Ardyiii

If you’ve got the time, you can make yourself a clever crossword puzzle shirt, or an adorable Scrabble dress. However, if you’re pressed for time (as we all tend to be), you can make a costume from the game itself. You’re gonna wanna raid your parents’/aunts’/friends’ closets for this. Wear a shirt and pants of the same color, then attach the game board to your shirt or to an elastic fashion belt, and wear it in the front. You can always add personal touches like dice earrings or money bracelets.

For Monopoly, make moneybags from pillowcases and get a friend to go along as Mr. Monopoly Man. Bring along a few cards such as those that say, “Do not pass go, do not collect $200.” Another idea is to fold up the top and bottom portions of a Twister mat, then wrap it into a dress and secure with duct tape or safety pins. Attach the spinner to a headband for an adorable hat.