I know what you’re thinking: daydreaming is one of the most unproductive activities that you can do. (I know, I get it.) But hear me out. Daydreaming can lead you to be the most productive you’ve been this month. Here’s how.

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Sense of Self

Daydreaming can make you think long and hard about the things that you want to accomplish. Maybe you want to go some place warm and easy on the eyes for spring break. Or maybe you’re just daydreaming about getting all of your homework turned in on time. Whichever one is you, daydreaming gives that to you. It’s a heightened sense of accomplishment or relaxation; a sense of an eased mind. Every college student has felt this at some point.

You get a really good sense of yourself and the things that you truly want to do. Through this, you get a chance to consistently evaluate yourself and determine how close you are to your goals.

Taking a Break

The benefits of taking a break from things every once in a while are huge. There are things that you miss out on when you sit for 12 straight hours working. Your mind gets bogged down. You start to physically feel like you’re dragging throughout the day. This can hinder your ability to be productive.

Take a break. Go outside and sit on a bench and just look up at the sky. Think about all of the things that you want to accomplish in your lifetime. Create a bucket list. Close your eyes and think about the next time that you can get away. None of this is unproductive. You aren’t procrastinating when you’re doing some structured daydreaming.

A Form of External Meditation

When you’re daydreaming, you’re focusing on something outside of your reach. Your mind is set on thinking about the sunny weather somewhere or about the things that you want to do with your life. Similar to meditation, daydreaming is a great way to refocus yourself.

There will be times where you feel redundant with your life and where you’re currently at. You can change that. You have the power to do all of the things that you really want to do. It just takes some daydreaming, some reflection, and some self-evaluation, followed by mapping out a game plan and then putting it all into action. None of this can happen until you take that first step.

Positive Emotions

It’s been said that positive emotions help to keep you happy and healthy, both physically and mentally. That being said, why not try to incorporate more positive emotions into your daily routine?

Daydreaming can lead to a smile — a powerful emotion that we get when we want to laugh or when we’re happy. It leads to a positive emotional feeling that can contribute to your overall health. As college students, we get bogged down with dates to remember, career fairs to prepare for, classes to attend, parties to go to, a mountain of laundry to get done, and everything in between. Giving yourself a chance to add more positive emotion every single day can help you ease the stress.

What are your thoughts on daydreaming? Let us know in the comments below.


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