Believe it or not, most people will say that breakfast is their favorite meal. Maybe it’s because so few of us actually seem to eat breakfast that it feels like a weekend treat. Well, you might not have time for Eggs Benedict on a Tuesday, but here are five incredibly simple and healthy breakfasts that are easy to fit into a busy morning.

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Peanut Butter & Banana On Whole Wheat Toast

Probably one of the best breakfasts out there, and surprisingly healthy. Toast 1-2 pieces of whole wheat bread, smother in peanut butter, and add slices of banana to each piece. Or, if you’re pressed for time (like I always am), you can take alternating bites of just peanut butter toast and just the banana. And for those without a toaster, regular whole wheat bread makes a great peanut-butter-banana sandwich too!

Apple and Hard-Boiled Egg

This is a super easy one: Start by hard-boiling some eggs when you have a little time at home. (You could be reading or studying in the kitchen, or hanging with friends in the next room with a timer). Then peel them and toss them in a container. Grab an apple and an egg on your way out the door and you’ve got a healthy, protein-packed breakfast.

Berries & Trail Mix (Dorm-Friendly)

This is especially useful for those in a dorm because there is no cooking required. Grab a handful of fresh berries (or dried fruit) and another handful of trail mix. (I’d even recommend one of those trail mixes with chocolate in them.) Chocolate for breakfast!

It’s a small way to make sure you’re getting something in your system before you try and learn a thing or two.

Oatmeal (Dorm-Friendly)

Oatmeal is both easy and healthy, but those flavored instant oatmeal options are pretty far away from being real food. It’s easier and cheaper to just buy a container of old-fashioned oats and make them in the microwave before you head out for the day.

Avoid the sugar and mix in a just little honey, milk, dried fruit, fresh or frozen berries, or a mashed banana instead. (Hint: mixing hot cooked oatmeal with frozen berries or yogurt cools it down right away so you can scarf it down before your first class.) Still in a rush? Transfer it to a disposable (biodegradable, of course) cup and eat it on your walk to class.

Toaster Waffles

Okay, I’m not recommending every brand, as many are loaded with trans fats, GMOs, and refined sugar, but an easy and semi-healthy option for those near a Trader Joe’s is to grab their multigrain toaster waffles. (Fooducate actually gives a B- health score, which is not bad for a frozen food). Compare that to the C- average given to Eggo waffles (and the laundry list of ingredients), and Trader Joe’s Multigrain isn’t so bad.

However, if you’re really motivated, the best option is to make a bunch of whole-wheat waffles from scratch and freeze them or toss them in the fridge to grab and eat in the mornings. They’re great with a little butter, honey, or peanut butter and they’re a quick way to get a somewhat-healthy breakfast before class. (If you don’t have a waffle maker, try for whole-wheat pancakes or French toast instead! Peanut-butter-pancake sandwich, anyone?)

What keeps you from having breakfast in the morning? Or if you’re a go-getter, let us know your breakfast secrets in the comments below.

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Image: cuppycake fiend