Email may not be the most hip service on the web, but it’s still the most important — especially for business. For this reason, learning to master your inbox can help you get ready for your future as a successful businessperson, prevent mistakes, and save time. Here are a few email tricks to get you started:

  • Filter Spam Email — If you think it’s time to clear out the newsletters and deal alerts you get 50 times a day, do a quick search for unsubscribe and delete those messages. To get rid of all of these types of messages for the foreseeable future, you can set a filter for the word “unsubscribe.” If you simply want a quick way to filter out the annoying ones, go through and mark them as spam; many email providers will automatically attempt to unsubscribe you from the mailing lists.
  • Prevent Sending Unfinished Email – By getting in the habit of filling in the recipient’s email address last, you can prevent those embarrassing half-finished emails. Alternatively, in Gmail, using the “Undo Send” feature can hold a message for up to 30 seconds, allowing you to double check and go back to compose if you catch a mistake.
  • Send Texts via Email — Texts can be sent from any email client by addressing the message to the sender’s phone number, followed by their mobile carrier’s SMS-specific address (e.g. [email protected]). You can find a full list of carrier addresses on Your friends can also text you right back and it’ll pop up in the same thread as your original message.

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