While developing good habits is challenging — often physically and mentally — they do help us maintain a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Over at 99u, Sasha VanHoven wants to develop the habit of waking up early in the morning.

She’s heard about all the benefits from successful people and wants to follow in their early-rising footsteps and use that time to better herself and get things done. But can you actually dedicate yourself to waking and staying up early or are you fighting an impossible battle?

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I’ve always been a morning person. Even from a young age I found myself getting up early and having the motivation to do things. For others, however, the thought of being able to just hop out of bed and straight into things seems absolutely crazy.

And it might be crazy for many of you. No matter how much sleep you get or how early you go to bed, you might not be able to fight off that terrible morning feeling to become a morning person.

Using the tips below, though, you might find you’ve been wrong about yourself for quite a while and now have the time and energy to accomplish more.

  • Set a strict bedtime — As a college student, setting an exact bedtime is probably not something you’ve ever even thought about. But dedicating a week or two to getting your body used to a certain time will help you form that habit.
  • Don’t set your alarm — This may not work for everyone (especially those of you with 8 a.m. classes), but when you’re setting your bedtime early enough and getting around 8 hours, you’ll find yourself waking up without the assistance of an alarm clock or angry roommate. What’s even better is, you might develop the habit of waking up at an exact time without the alarm.
  • Start a morning ritual  – Something as simple as putting on a pot of coffee and hopping in the shower can turn into one of the best habits you ever develop. When I lost 70 pounds last year, the best thing I did for myself was get up, wash my face, brush my teeth, and go for a walk or run.  As long as I was motivated enough to tie my shoe laces, I knew it was going to be a good day.

Are you a morning person? Let us know your secrets in the comments below.


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