Purchasing textbooks outright is usually associated with high costs when compared to renting and other alternatives. On top of the high price, you may only use certain books for a semester before they become expensive display pieces on your bookshelf.

To help offset the costs associated with buying textbooks, try selling them as soon as you no longer need them. Because like any new item, your textbooks depreciate in value the second you leave the store with them or they leave one of Amazon’s massive shipping facilities.

So if you know you won’t be referencing certain books in the near future, offload them as soon as you can to recover as much as possible.

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Where to Sell

If you’re looking to make as much as possible from your books, you should be using eBay’s Half.com, Amazon Marketplace, or Barnes & Noble Marketplace. These services connect you directly with the customer and let you set your own price.

Unfortunately, this also means there’s no guarantee that someone will purchase your book at the price you set. But if you’re selling at the right time and the title is in demand, you should be able to sell fast.

For those of you who just want to get a quote to sell old textbooks with as little work as possible, services like Chegg and eCampus offer a quick way to get cash. How much cash will depend on the title, but you can expect to get no more than half of the title’s actual value when selling to a reseller.

The good news is, you can get instant quotes for all of your textbooks, ship them off the next day, and have a direct deposit set up to come in a few days later.

If you decide you want to buy the book again in the future, you’ll likely find one or more new editions have been released and the used price of the edition you owned has dropped dramatically.


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Image: Quinn Dombrowski