The Internet, digital clouds, and services such as have really opened the door when it comes to working with many different people remotely on one project. It is vital to be able to share ideas and tracking progress via digital communications.

New companies are always coming on the scene and old ones fall by the wayside. Because is shutting down its service on January 31, 2014, moving business forward now means embracing new, reliable alternative software to fill the void that Do leaves behind.

In order to keep projects moving forward without a break in service, look into these five alternative websites that can offer new levels of convenience and broaden any venture’s potential.

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Flow is an online task management and project management software, and they are raising the stakes when it comes to capturing ideas. Everyone’s contribution and responsibilities on each assignment are well-documented and pushed forward as a group. Each individual has access and everyone has input. Open avenues for communication also allow everyone’s input to play a part as the concept comes into its own near project completion.

One of the best advantages is that all shared files stay grouped as part of individual and group tasks. The team has what they need when they need it right in front of them. Flow also syncs with any iOS device, and projects are always with you and your team thanks to cloud capability and smart device access.

Flow is currently offering users a free 3-month subscription to the service.


This software has a heavy emphasis on organization. While some software gives you more room to share, it can often fall short when it comes to keeping track of productivity. It makes this task easier than it has ever been when it comes to group projects.

Toodledo also stands alone in that it has created its own custom sharing tools that are geared towards particular types of projects. Additionally, nearly all of the functions that come with the software are customizable, including alarms, tags, and files associated with subtasks.


As a task manager, it is important to think things through and make smart, efficient decisions for every aspect of every project that you take on. SmartTM focuses on efficiency and compatibility so that your decisions are always the right ones. This software works with virtually every popular cloud and file sharing program that is in use today.

Additionally, the program’s design features straightforward management techniques that rely on easy and intuitive steps. These tools for engagement give you the ability to gather and organize tasks, implement decision on task results, as well as group and list responsibilities. You also have tools at your disposal that allow for real-time updates, delegation, and alarms that ensure things get done on time.


Managing a to-do list is just not enough to make life as efficient as it should be in most cases. The ultimate amount of freedom and productivity comes in being able to share tasks as life demands them of you. Wunderlist is much more personalized than the majority of software of its kind.

While it is not geared specifically towards business functions, its simplicity and emphasis on visual information makes it a great tool for any serious task that may be ahead for a group or an individual. This software is currently being used by more than five million people around the globe, making it a great choice when you need to share and delegate using a platform that is already familiar to most people.


BaseCamp is advancing the way business occurs by listening to its users when improving its service. One of the features that users love is the single-page format for managing projects. The interface is also straightforward and convenient. Moving files is as simple as dragging and dropping them into place.

When it comes time to review progress, each project has a section dedicated to “Daily Recaps” of actions and comments that are relevant to each individual user. In addition to looking backward, you can see what is happening with your projects in real time with the click of a button. Every project member has their own page, and all of the action that they take is kept in their log.


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