We love to save money and get great deals, but at what cost? Black Friday has grown from a small smattering of discounts to an all-out shopping frenzy. Thanksgiving is one of the only major holidays that isn’t divided by religion, and is really a holiday for all, yet we throw aside the things we’re thankful for in order to join early morning lines that wind around Best Buy and Target.

Here are five reasons to skip Black Friday and the mayhem associated with it and spend more time eating turkey.

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It Bleeds into Thanksgiving Day

We used to think going to the mall at 6am was a fun way to get great deals on holiday gifts. Now, it’s a marketing scheme that helps people waste yet another day they could be spending with their families.

In fact, many stores are opening at midnight, or even 11:00pm the night before, and our siblings and cousins working in the retail industry can’t even spend the full Thanksgiving Day with us because they’re busy helping regularly normal people act insane and greedy. Before we know it, the stores will start opening as soon as the Macy’s Day parade comes to an end.

Only in America can we spend a day being “thankful” for what we have, then follow up with a day of greed and violence.

That Wine Won’t Drink Itself

Speaking of early mornings, they are not your hangover’s friends. We all know that Thanksgiving is another excuse to get drunk on someone else’s dime  (usually your parents); however, as a poor, struggling college student, it’s hard to take advantage of all the wine and eggnog if you have to stand in line with your Aunt Josephine at 10pm.

Just think of all the other retail workers you know who have to show up at their store at 8 or 9pm for a 6 or 12-hour shift. It’s just not in the Thanksgiving spirit. Drink eggnog instead.

Online Shopping Is Safer

Some options at Walmart are still cheaper than what you can find on Amazon, but if you can get almost the same prices without spending four hours in line, and four hours in crowds, isn’t that worth it?

As the insanity of Black Friday continues to grow, each year we see tragically brutal Black Friday injuries and deaths as the result of Walmart stampedes, or fights over electronics.

Additionally, many of the same deals are available online, you just have to know where to look. Find the deals online, take advantage of online sales, and keep your Aunt Josephine and little cousins safe at home.

Support Small Businesses Instead

For the fourth year in a row, you can celebrate civilized Small Business Saturday instead of Black Friday madness. Save your dollars for Saturday shopping at a reasonable hour (think 10am instead of 2am), and you can support your local business establishments, skip the crowds, and still find incredible deals without trampling anyone.

The Deals Aren’t That Great

Did you ever think getting that laptop at 90% off was too good to be true? Well, it probably is. Most retailers mark prices too high or raise them leading up to Black Friday, just to slash them for the big day. That 90% off is probably really just 10-20% of their true worth.

Many of the heavily-discounted products are junk anyway. Off-brand tablets and kitchen appliances aren’t worth more than their $10 discounted rate (and they probably won’t last beyond next year’s Black Friday). You don’t see Apple selling off their MacBooks and iPhones for $50 a pop because it doesn’t make business sense to drop the price of a high-quality product below its profit margin.

After Black Friday, most prices start to drop anyway, as companies attempt to liquidate older inventory to make room for next year’s new items. So you don’t have to fight the lines for limited stock items when you can get it for almost the same price a week or two later.

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Image: Michael Holden