Finally, you have a weekend to spend at home, with no college mid-terms or finals to worry about. Whether it’s Labor Day weekend, Christmas vacation, or spring break, there’s nothing like kicking back on your parents’ couch and doing as little as possible, right?

If you’ve got a weekend to kill and no idea what to do, let TV be your companion. Some shows will make your long weekend fly by, so break out the popcorn and load these eight great shows on your Netflix queue.

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If you loved The Avengers and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., you probably love the man behind the productions: Joss Whedon. His earlier works — including Buffy and Angel — were hugely popular, but it’s Firefly — the cowboy/space epic — that will occupy your time best.

Imagine old-style cowboy stories set in space, and you’ve got an idea of what this 13-episode show is like. Despite the fact that it was canceled after just one season, with a feature film designed to revive it, this is a show that will have you hooked in just one episode.


You may want to use TV and Netflix time to escape from college for the weekend, but if you miss the stress and antics, this early 2000s Judd Apatow creation will not disappoint.

Through its great cast main cast of Seth Rogan, Jay Baruchel, and Charlie Hunman, Undeclared hilariously examines freshman dorm life and the relationships formed in a co-ed environment. If you’re a fan of Freaks and Geeks, consider this its spiritual sequel.


Sherlock Holmes comes to modern-day TV like no other movie or TV show. The oddball Benedict Cumberbatch is the PERFECT actor to play young, contemporary Sherlock Holmes, with The Hobbit star Martin Freeman playing John Watson.

Sherlock is one of the greatest TV shows of our time, and it’s a shame the episodes take so long to produce. With only six episodes of 90 minutes each, this show will have your attention for as long as it takes to finish off the original stories.


What can’t be said about Community? Not only is it one of the most hilarious shows on television, it’s one of the most original and crazy shows ever to air on network.

Following a misfit group of community college students, Community is based on creator Dan Harmon’s experience at a Los Angeles college, where he became involved, and subsequently close to, a study group made of up people with “very little in common.”

The show’s great cast and silly parodies have earned it a very loyal cult following, which saved the show from being cancelled after its second season. It’s now heading into its fifth season, which is set to debut on January 2, 2014.

Strike Back

If you’re a guy, this is the show for you. Imagine all of the best Tom Clancy novels turned into a TV show, but with lots of nudity. It really couldn’t get any better!

The show is about two soldiers — one a Brit, the other an Australian playing a Yank — going on secret missions, doing awesome capers, and blowing up lots of stuff. The storyline is actually surprisingly compelling, and you’ll love all three seasons of the show. Plus, don’t miss the prequel season with The Hobbit star Richard Armitage and Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead

You may not like zombies, but that’s not what this show is really all about. Zombies represent the background threat that sets up the various storylines, but it’s the people in the show that really make it worth watching.

Do yourself a favor and stop thinking “I hate zombie movies or TV shows” and just sit down and watch the first few episodes. I have no doubt that you’ll be hooked.


It’s not a comedy series, and yet there are plenty of hilarious moments in this show. Led by Phantom of the Opera star Emmy Rossum, this show takes a good hard look at the lives of those that have less — a whole lot less!

It’s a riveting story that never disappoints, and you’ll find yourself both cringing and on the edge of your chair with every episode.

There are plenty of “ew!” factors that will make you want to turn it off, but all three seasons are worth watching.

Shark Tank

If you’ve never seen Shark Tank, you definitely will want to. It’s a show where people present their unique, crazy, and sometimes totally oddball ideas to wealthy investors. These investors decide whether they want to help the inventors succeed by investing money in their start-up company.

If you’re studying business or finance, it’s one of the best investment shows to watch. It can help you learn a lot about business from the people that rule the business world.