Wondering what to do with your leftover Christmas candy? For one, count your blessings that you still get Christmas candy at your age. And two, don’t drop it into a beaker containing molten potassium chlorate, a chemical compound used in a variety of scary stuff, such as matches, fireworks, and explosives.

Not only is this an unsafe act — even for a chemistry major — that could render you and your surroundings severely burned, but someone else has already done the work for you.

The experimenter, YouTuber Andy Elliott (aka mist8k), writes: “I had some left over candy for Christmas…. why not go out with a bang and drop it in some molten potassium chlorate. When the candy is introduced to the molten potassium chlorate a vigorous chemical reaction begins. The oxygen given off by the heated chlorate quickly attacks the sugars in the candy, transforming them into carbon dioxide gas and water.”

Now all you have to do is sit back and watch Santa burn. It is for science, so that last line isn’t as awful as it sounds.


Christmas Candy vs Potassium Chlorate | YouTube via Digg