Organizing your life may seem like a massive challenge, especially if you’re trying to get through the semester without incurring credit card debt.

You can go drop a few hundred bucks at IKEA and The Container Store, or you can use random things around the house, from crafting stores, and pieces found at Home Depot to organize your life. Here are few great life hacks for organization to help you find a place for everything in your dorm, bedroom, office area, and more!

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Desk and Office


Image: David Bakker

There are tons of different ways to organize your cables. For items you don’t use or charge that frequently, wrap the cables neatly and tuck them away in an empty toilet paper roll, then label what this cable is for, and store it in a drawer or bin.

For things with relatively stationary places (computers, printers, cell phones), attach binder clips to the back or side of your desk and run the adapter through the silver loop so they’re always in reach. You should also attach your surge protector to the wall or underside of the desk to help keep cords out of the way.

Boxes and Tops for Drawer Organization

cereal box drawer organization

This is the easiest and cheapest way to organize items in your desk drawers (or kitchen, bathroom, etc.). Save a few lids from your shoeboxes, and use them for your shallow top desk drawer to organize things like mail, post-it notes, pens, and other office essentials.

Keep a place for smaller items like rubber bands and paperclips by cutting the bottom off of a cracker or cereal box, or by cutting, folding, and taping larger box lids as necessary to fit everything together like Tetris!

Make Device Charging Holders from Shampoo Bottles

shampoo bottle cell phone holder

Now that you’ve got your cables organized, your desk can still become cluttered if you have to charge several items at once. Using something like a shampoo bottle, create holders that hang on the charger itself, or from a hook on the wall or desk next to your charger.

Now you can charge your iPod, cell phone, and camera without cluttering up your desk space.

And if you have a metal desk or filing cabinet, use a cheap magnetic refrigerator hook or clip to secure the charging holder instead!

Bedroom and Closet

Shower Hook Hanger for Ties, Scarves, and Belts

Got a lot of accessories but limited room to store them? Link a bunch of super-cheap shower hooks together and attach them to a plastic hanger.

Now you can run belts, ties, and scarves through the loops to keep them organized.

Limited space? Install a towel bar on the inside of your closet door and hang the shower hooks here rather than on a hanger.

Wooden Bungee Organizer


Another option for accessories is to create a hanging organizer with a piece of wood and a bungee cord.

This is a more versatile option because you have a lot of control over the shades and colors, and the tighter cord can hold things like sunglasses and electronics cables.

Bathroom & Shower

Magnetic Board Organization

Got random metal objects like nail clippers scattered around the bathroom or at the bottom of your make-up bag? Head over to your local craft store and pick up a magnetic strip, then stick those objects to the magnet to keep them in one place.

Looking for something even more aesthetically pleasing? Grab old baby food jars with metal lids or metal tins for spices and organize your items in one place. This is great because then you can stick a whole tin of studded and short earrings in one jar, even if they’re not real metal, or keep your Q-tips in another tin and stick the jar to the magnetic strip.

Grab a few more jars or tins to house nail clippers and tweezers, loose bobby pins, and even small-sized foundation tubes, hair gel, and moisturizer.

Metal Board with Magnets

magnetic board bathroom organization

What could be even better? A framed metal board, that’s what! You can make one for cheap using an old frame, metal, and wallpaper. Use a hot glue gun to secure dollar-store magnets to the back of your make-up and nail polish, or to empty baby food jars and tins filled with bobby pins, Q-tips, and nail clippers.

Organize everything on this board for much faster mornings.

PVC Pipe Connectors

PVC Pipe Bathroom Organization

Image: (Not Quite) Mom of the Year

Need a little extra storage space for daily items like your blow dryer or razor? Grab a few multi-directional PVC pipe connectors and secure them to your wall with either screws or heavy-duty command strips.

Now you can keep these items easily accessible for busy mornings, but off the floor and out of the way!

Second Shower Rod for More Space

second shower rod

Install a second shower rod/tension rod on the backside of your shower, then use shower hooks to hang things like loofahs and washcloths. You can also grab some mini plastic baskets and hang them on the rod using s-hooks.

Now you have a place to store every shower accessory imaginable, including soap, shampoo, razors, shaving cream, face wash, and bubbles! No more crowded showers, no matter how many roommates you have!