Sometimes the jobs that fill the part-time, flexible schedule requirements of a college lifestyle are simply crappy. It’s common to find a job as a telemarketer, a server, a retail worker, a grocery store clerk, or even a tutor, but no matter how you slice it, your job might still be kind of crappy.

Rather than focusing on the negative, you should try to make the best of this part of your life. Here are a few tips to help you do just that!

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Create a New Social Circle

college job friends

One thing that makes everything better is a friend, so even if your job is crappy, friends can make it fun and entertaining. If your current friends are already off doing their own thing, the best option is to make friends with your coworkers.

Instead of dreading each day of work, you’ll have people to talk to who will help make it worthwhile. They’ll be going through a lot of the same issues as you in regards to the crappy job, so you can make it more fun, or commiserate together. Added benefit? You can create an entirely new social circle with new people and new parties.

Find Ways to Take Pride

Sure, you might hate dealing with the slow old people at the register, the drunk students on the other side of the bar, or the stuffy professionals at the tailor shop, but try to find a way to take pride in what you’re doing.

You’re helping out an old lady who probably has arthritis in both hands, a bum hip and grandkids who don’t call, but she still makes it out to the grocery store to take care of herself. As for the students, you’re contributing to their college experience, so forget the bitter pills and try to make their night fun, or, if they’re jerks, make fun of them a little bit.

Finally, that stuffy, snooty professor or professional was probably once a college student just like you, trying to make ends meet. Think of that as a learning experience for you  – how not to behave when you make it in this world.

Make Your Boss Love You

Life is much easier when you get along with your boss, even if he or she kind of sucks. Luckily, most bosses, especially of small businesses, can be pretty cool. Getting along with your boss can be the difference between liking and loathing your college job, and there’s a good chance they remember what it’s like to be in college, and know that the crappy job is in fact crappy.

You don’t have to be best friends with your boss, just defer decisions, treat him or her with respect, and always put your best foot forward. Hard work, a good attitude, and a friendly disposition will pay off. Especially if you ever need a reference!

Enjoy Life On Your Days Off

college fun

Despite your crazy college schedule with work and class, you still need to find time to cut loose. When you have a few days off, try not to think about your crappy college job, instead, go to the beach, take classes you enjoy, participate in recreational sports, and hang out with your friends.

Do things that make you happy so you spend time enjoying life, rather than focusing on your crappy job. If life outside of work is good, you won’t let your crappy college job bring you down.

Appreciate Having a Job

Nobody wants to hear it, and it’s not the greatest advice if you’re in an unhappy situation, but no matter how bad your job is, in this day and age, you’re lucky to even one!

Appreciate that you, of all the thousands of unemployed people in the country, were able to actually land a paying position, despite being young with little-to-no experience. Your crappy job actually gives you a little pocket cash, helps you pay the rent, and keeps some of your college debt in check. Not everyone has that.

Remember: It’s Only Temporary

Your college job is meant as a temporary way to stay afloat during those ramen-fueled days in school. As long as you do well in your classes and earn that degree, you shouldn’t have to work in that crappy job forever.

You’ll have a little cash, something to put on your resume, and hopefully a nice reference from your boss for your next job, grad school, or wherever life takes you.