Do you think you know everything about sororities just because you watched a bunch of college movies? Well, guess again. Sorority girls aren’t all Cher types or Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

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We’ve rounded up a few popular myths about sororities and busted them for the HackCollege crowd:

Nobody Wears Pants to Parties

This is a fun one to start with, because lots and lots and lots of girls actually don’t wear pants to sorority mixers and parties. Seriously, just listen around for themed parties, specifically Jungle or No Clothes themes (it’s a real theme), and then look out your window around 2am.

Lots of ladies have probably foregone their cover up attire along the way and they’re basically walking home in their underpants. Some of them wear pants, I promise, but not all. It’s really no different from Halloween; sorority girls just have more theme parties to attend and more opportunities to show off their zebra-lace undies to the general public.

Maybe you gentlemen should just find a way to get yourself an invitation to the after party.

Average IQ is Lower

Sure, there are plenty of “dumb sorority chicks,” who do lots of dumb things. But there are plenty of dumb regular chicks too, and they do dumb things too.

Those sorority girls might actually surprise you with their manipulative methods and underhanded power grabbing. And with what they learn in college. Greeks actually have to have a minimum GPA to remain an active member, and no, it’s not a 2.0 like many athletes; most organizations require a 2.75 at the very least.

But wait! There’s more! Sorority girls make great politicians. They know that they can leverage their Alpha-Pi-Something Presidency into a political position later in life or list it as an “experience” to put on their law school application.

In fact, two of the three current female Supreme Court justices were sorority members, and both the first female senator and first female astronaut were Greek! Maybe not so dumb after all, eh?

They Pay for Friends

If you make all of your friends in college, in a place where you pay thousands of dollars to go, are you paying for friends? Well, you might argue, you aren’t attending college to make friends; you’re doing it to get an education.

Any student will argue that making friends is the absolute best thing about your college experience. Your parents pay for you to play rec soccer in elementary school and you end up goofing around with friends. In fact, many of you probably only enjoyed the practices and games because of the friends.

The same goes for sororities; they’re paying for a membership to an organization, but the friends made are the best part of that membership. Sure, they may join an organization with girls who are more like them in looks, and promiscuity, and interests, and stuff…but then, wouldn’t you join a soccer team based on your skill level?

 Nobody Gets Along

If you ever watched the short-lived TV series Greek, you’d be super confused as to why anyone would join a sorority or pay for those kinds of friends (I kid, I kid). Believe it or not, lots of girls actually DO get along.

Sure there will be power struggles and cheating and sexin’ around and such, but it’s really not all that common to sleep with your sorority sister’s boyfriend. And you rarely rage war against an opposing sorority’s president.

Yes, when you get that many girls together in one place, there is bound to be some tension, especially if everyone gets on the same cycle and tries to raid the freezer for ice cream at the same time.

However, most sorority sisters will tell you that they actually do feel a sort of camaraderie with the other members, and that they actually like most of them. There’s no real way to know how genuine they are, but, I mean, they’ll say it.

They’re Just Plain Mean

They might tell you to dress a certain way, act a certain way, or do certain things, but that doesn’t necessarily make them mean. Sure, some of them will shoot off drunk emails like this one, or put the fear of God in you during hazing, but they’re just doing their job.

Kind of like when your physical trainer tells you you’re a weak piece of $h!t, or your Marine Corps officer calls you a big ol’ crybaby. Oh, you didn’t join a sorority to be brainwashed or told to suck it up by a bunch of chicks? Well, um, this is awkward but, maybe sororities aren’t for you?