There’s no shortage of majors at your typical college today. Everything from Advertising to Zoology is available, giving students a great variety of career paths to choose from.

But you rarely hear much about niche programs–the ones that go beyond your average career path and help students get truly specialized training. If you’re looking for a program that puts you into the career you’ve been dreaming of, take a look at these specialized degrees:

Sports Management

A Sports Management degree is a gateway to the professional sports industry. It prepares you for a variety of different roles within a sports organization, such as administrator, marketer, operations specialist, and team manager.

Whether you want to work at the college or professional level, a Sports Management degree is a great way to understand how teams are run and what role might suit you best. Everything from finances to ethical issues are covered as part of most Sports Management programs.

A minor in marketing, communications, or business can also give those looking to break into the sports industry a better fundamental education to back up the specialized degree training.

Sports Psychology

While it may sounds like a new career, Sports Psychology actually dates back to Norman Triplett in the late 1800s. A professor at Indiana University, Triplett researched and experimented with cyclists and discovered they performed better if they rode in groups, as opposed to alone. He published a study about the experiment, which is noted as the first work of sports psychology.

Today, Sports Psychology has its own division within the American Psychological Association, and many sports-focused colleges employ a Sports Psychologist to oversee their school’s athletes. Their job is to make sure athletes are as fit mentally as they are physically to compete in their chosen sport.

Those looking to pursue Sports Psychology can choose a career where they interact with and counsel athletes or one in which they become a researcher, working to solve problems and further the field.

Music Production

Being a music producer is something many young people aspire to, but few know the proper path to take to make the dream a reality.

A Music Production degree is one path to working with famous artists and record labels. Students in that type of program learn from the best, using the same equipment the professionals use to create the music you listen to today.

The benefit of Music Production programs is that students don’t just learn how to produce great music and work with complex equipment, they learn how to be a creative, business-savvy producer. This means learning how to properly work with others on collaborations and dealing with artist conflicts.

Music Therapy

If you want to combine a passion for helping others with a love of music, then a Music Therapy degree can lead you down a path toward a fulfilling career.

Working with all types of people to address with all types of needs, Music Therapy dates back to the early 1800s. It was first used to treat medical conditions, then became a part of psychotherapy sessions.

The curriculum for Music Therapy programs is a mix of music, psychology, and behavioral science. Students will use all of these skills to effectively treat patients.

Fashion Marketing

Much like music and sports, fashion is one of the most glamorized industries in the word. Those who work with top designers are looked up to, and many see it as a place full of dream careers.

For those interested in fashion and marketing, a Fashion Marketing degree is a great way to get a real understanding of how the fashion industry works. And with a focus on marketing, you’ll have an exciting look at how brands are built from the ground up.

From planning, development, merchandising, branding, and strategy, Fashion Marketing students learn what it takes to move a product from idea to store shelves, and how to acquire the customers needed to create a successful business.


Let us know in the comments below what your degree and career path looks like, and how you’re planning on landing your dream job in the near future.