With the new school year already here, HackCollege is looking for new writers to add to its 2014-2015 roster. We’re expanding on our extensive library of articles on every topic related to college life, and need students who are interested in discovering and reporting on things that can help themselves and other students succeed.

But beyond helping students succeed, you’ll be making money and gaining valuable writing experience that could lead to opportunities down the road. The money is the important part, though!

Below are a list of writing positions we’re currently looking to fill:

  • Life Hack Extraordinaire — Are you always looking for a new, interesting way to complete a task? Find yourself looking for new and interesting DIY projects just to fill your time? Well, we want you to become the official “Life Hack Extraordinaire” (title pending) here at HackCollege.
  • Weekly *Insert Career Here* Reporters — Are you an English major , Computer Science major, Nursing major , Finance major, IT major, or any other major out there? Well, HackCollege wants you to report on your field and the career opportunities available. Whether that means discussing job options, pay, expected growth, or tips for students, we want you to be our go-to person for information on your chosen field.
  • App Wrangler — If you’re already attached to smartphone apps that help you get more done and have fun, we’ll pay you to discover new ones and write about ways students like you are using them. Our “App Wrangler” should have access to a number of different devices, both iOS and Android, and always be on the hunt for the latest and greatest mobile and desktop apps.


Email mark [at] hackcollege.com with information about your previous writing experience to inquire about your desired position. (No experience required, but be ready to prove you can write!)