One of HackCollege’s most popular topics–amongst both writers and readers–is productivity. I think we’re all addicted to getting more done, as well as discovering new tips and tricks to beat procrastination.

We’ve covered a wide variety of productivity hacks to help students understand their procrastination habits, motivation, and discipline. Through the years, these tips have remained mostly conventional. However, it’s time you heard about a few unconventional tips to help you get more done.

These are the strangest productivity hacks that actually work:

Looking at Cute Animals

When I say strange, I mean it. Cute animal pictures, such as LOLcats, are generally thought of as distractions, but researchers at Hiroshima University may make you think otherwise.

The Japanese researchers asked student subjects to play a game similar to Operation, in which they had to precisely drop internal organs into holes and avoid touching the edge.

After looking at cute puppies and kittens, the students were able to complete more a much higher number of tasks than before. The experiment also included adult dogs and cats, as well as delicious food. The increase in productivity from those could not match the puppies and kittens.

Researchers concluded that puppies and kittens unlock our need to care for defenseless young, which is believed to be an evolved trait. This leads the viewer of cute puppies and kittens to be more attentive, increasing mental performance.

Coffee/Caffeine Naps

While this is more of a tip to increase energy, we all know that your energy has a direct impact on your productivity.

First researched by scientists at Loughborough University, the coffee nap (or caffeine nap), is performed by drinking a coffee or taking a caffeine supplement, and immediately taking a 15 or 20-minute nap.

For the Loughborough University study, researchers found subjects were more alert than they were after various other tests, such as caffeine only, napping only, mental/physical break, and cold air. This is because the effects of caffeine take about 20 minutes to kick in and combined with a quick power nap allowed subjects to wake up quickly and without symptoms of drowsiness.

For the study, 200mg of caffeine was used.

Coffee Shop Noise

When most people think of noise at work, they think of productivity and focus-killing distractions.

But while your co-worker yapping on about something you can connect with can be worse than blaring club music for your productivity, ambient background noise–like the kind you’ll find at your local Starbucks–can actually help you be more creative.

Ambient noise players, such as Coffitivity and Soundrown, can be your coffee shop without the coffee shop. If you’re looking for the right environment to do your creative work, but can’t always get to a coffee shop, the recordings played on those sites are a great substitute!