Banks are finally starting to up their game from a tech perspective, but Simple was created from the ground up with your personal finance needs in mind. There are no fees, beautiful web and mobile applications, and the most intuitive budgeting features you’ll find anywhere.

Simple isn’t a bank, but rather a banking solution. Joshua Reich, CEO and cofounder, came to the U.S. from Australia and decided to fix what he thought was broken in the banking system. He partnered with a few colleagues and FDIC insured Bankcorp to create a safe solution with the customer’s needs in mind.

The goal is to help customers manage their money well rather than take advantage of mismanaged accounts. They do this with the features below:

  • Create goals to sort your money. You can place the money into the goal all at once and spend it when you’re ready, or set it to accumulate a certain amount every day over time. The goals are flexible, so you can transfer money in and out of goals or pause and resume them whenever you want. Much like the envelope system, when you make a transaction you can go into the app on your phone and assign that money to spend from a certain goal.
  • After you’ve sorted your money into goals, what’s left is your safe-to-spend. This is the golden feature that replaces a traditional bank’s “available balance”. Safe-to-spend accounts for your pending transactions, goals, and even bills that are coming up, letting you know how much money it’s really safe for you to spend without you needing to calculate it for yourself or worry about an overdraft.
  • Generate reports to track your spending and see where your money has gone. You can assign a hashtag or keyword to each transaction, and use Simple’s search feature to generate a report to see how much money you’ve spent on anything with that keyword assigned to it. For example: if you want to cut back on eating out, assign the hashtag #fastfood and periodically track your spending, and set goals accordingly.
  • Simple makes using the app fun. Where you spend your money trails the journey of your life, and you can create memos and add pictures to each transaction to turn your transactions into memories.

The video above gives you an overview of what Simple has to offer, and how easy and intuitive the application is to use, not to mention it’s downright beautiful. It’s available for Android and iPhone users, and the website has quick tutorials to help you get started.