You might want a superphone that automatically goes silent in class, connects to wifi when you’re home without manually setting it, and keeps your screen lit longer only when you’re in your Kindle app. With Tasker your device can do all of this, and more.

The Android operating system is often touted as having more functionality than its competitors iOS and Windows Phone OS. However, you might still wish it could perform some functions it doesn’t come with. That’s where Tasker comes in–a super automation app that you can download and use without rooting your device.

With it, you set your phone to perform rules based tasks with “If this, then that” logic. Here are just a few tasker actions you can set your phone to perform:

  • Read texts aloud and announce incoming caller names when driving.

  • Silence your phone during meetings (like class) that are in your Calendar, or alternatively, whenever you place it face down.

  • Automatically open grocery store app when you arrive at the store.

  • Automatically enable your lock screen when away from home and disable it when you connect to your home’s wifi network.

  • Set an alarm that sounds when friends, family, coworkers etc. send you an emergency text so you know when it’s important to answer.

  • If you like to fall asleep to music, set it to turn off after a certain time so you can rest well through the night and wake to a full battery.


It’s free for 7 days on Google Play, but then it’ll set you back $2.99. The Tasker website links to guides and other resources to help you get acclimated–it can seem a little complex for beginners. You can unleash a lot of power you didn’t know your Android device had–and make your life a lot easier– if you take the time to learn it.