One of the primary study distractions is our phone, but for many of us our smartphone is also our mp3 player.

Don’t Pause! keeps the notifications from pausing your music. For students that means zoning out and studying in peace.

Don’t Pause! has a play and stop button. Hitting play starts the service so that your notifications don’t interrupt your music or any other media playing on your phone. Hit stop when you’re ready for your notifications to go back to normal.

There are some customizations you can make, mainly with the pro version, such as detecting headphones, start on USB, start on Bluetooth, and the option to turn off advertising. You can also elect to start the app on boot.

The video below shows you how it’s done. Don’t Pause! is simple with minimal features but it performs an awesome task to help everyone be more productive or just be able to enjoy your media in peace.

Even though your notifications don’t make a sound, you will see them like normal, so don’t worry about them being turned completely off. Don’t Pause! only keeps the music volume level while silencing any possible interruptions.

Only available on Android for now. Sorry iPhone users!