Voice recorders are no secret, but many students still underestimate just how useful they can be.

Tape-a-Talk, a simple yet powerful voice recorder application for Android, can record lectures, help you practice for a presentation, and dictate quick reminders and voice notes when you’re not able to grab a pen and paper.

Tape-a-Talk lets you do more than just record. You can also organize, edit, and share your audio files easily. Here are some of the features it has to offer:

  • Choose high or low quality if you’re recording a .wav file. This could be the difference between what kind of background noise the recording picks up.

  • A widget for quick and easy access. The large widget has buttons to record, pause, stop, and open the app. The small widget is just the record button.

  • Not only can you share your recordings, there’s also a Fast Send option with pre made custom mail recipients.

  • Upload to Dropbox so you can keep your most important recordings for the long-term.

Tape-a-Talk is free or you can pay $1.32 for the ad-free pro version. It’s only available for Android, but Audio Memos for iOS is a popular equivalent for free/$0.99. It even has some added functionality like starring important recordings, adding text notes and photos, and more.

Use Tape-a-Talk to help you prep for important presentations, or lighten up your need for overzealous notes by recording the lecture for reference.

Check out the video above to see it in action.