We’ve all been there–hanging out with friends and “hangry” is fast approaching.

After deciding to order in you all have a ton of details you take to Google to figure out: who is open, and who delivers to your address?Which of those restaurants are cheapest, and what’s on the menu? Lastly, is the food good, and can I order online? GrubHub answers all of these questions at a glance, and you can always place your order right in the app.

Open GrubHub and select delivery or pickup, then enter your address to see the restaurants in your area. If you choose delivery you’ll only see those who deliver, and the same for the pickup option, so you can weed out the others.

Then choose from a list of open restaurants. You see each restaurant’s five-star rating, style, distance away from your address, minimum order amount, and delivery fee. It also shows which restaurants have specials or coupons to save you a few bucks.

Selecting the restaurant opens the menu and guides you through placing your order, including any special requests and payment. GrubHub then sends your order in to be made and sends you an email receipt.

Look out for a push notification with an estimated delivery time when the restaurant confirms that they’ve received the order. You can track your order or place an identical one later with just a tap.

GrubHub makes ordering out a whole lot easier and it’s available on the web, iOS and Android.

Watch out for their killer burritos, though!