College life seldom entails large living space, which means if you have a movie or music collection it’s probably better stored digitally so you can save living space.

PLEX Media Server (or just “PLEX”) lets you store and stream your entire media collection from any device, wherever you are.

PLEX is a powerhouse media server. While time consuming to start (especially if you have a large collection), once you get the hang of it it’s easy to use and maintain. Download the server, then rip all your movies and music to your hard drive.

Hop on PLEX and select the folders you want the server to stream from. Then you can stream right on your computer or use the PLEX applications or channels you find on any of the 12 popular products it works with, from your Android device to Chromecast to your Xbox and more.

PLEX is free, and the basic features include a gorgeous interface that organizes your media for easy viewing. It’s available on most devices and you can share your media with friends and family.

Purchase a PLEX Pass ($4.99/month) to access extra features like: control of your shared content–choose what your friends and family can see, auto backup your photos to the server, access to movie trailers, interviews, and extras, offline access, and streaming directly from the cloud.

Check out the video below from Armando Ferreira (YouTube) to get a thorough visual and review of how awesome it is.

Safety Tip: If you value your DVD collection put it in storage instead of getting rid of it. Your hard drive will go someday, or your file may be corrupted. Save yourself the trouble of having to replenish anything from a file to your entire collection by asking your parents if you can box the DVDs up and store them back home.