You may have your own research management system, but Mendeley was created for that exact purpose and has the features to prove it.

It’s a free research management system and social network that handles all your needs, from source discovery to generating citations and bibliographies, in one place.

The goal is to simplify and organize every step of the research process so you can focus on what really matters–writing the paper. Here’s what Mendeley has to offer:

  • Generate citations and bibliographies in Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and LaTex automatically with Mendeley plugins instead of going to a paid or free but limited website.

  • Drag and drop your documents into Mendeley and the application will automatically extract the important information like the title, author, keywords, and so on. Then you can annotate your thoughts with sticky notes and highlights right inside the documents in the application.

  • Sync between other computers and devices so you can continue your research from any location.

  • Share papers with peers and professors securely by creating private groups, or join public groups to research and stay up to date on your subject(s) of interest.

  • Use Mendeley’s data to see what’s popular or trending, or just read the papers Mendeley recommends.

Mendeley is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS.

You can access your account on your Android browser, but there’s no Android application just yet. Mendeley has every research tool you’ll ever need right in one place, it’s free, and you can use it on the go.

Check out their guides to get started after you download.