Whether you read for fun or not, your book collection is likely getting bigger by the semester.

BitLit lets you grab the eBook copies of your paper books for cheap or free just by taking a “shelfie” so you can cut back on bag or shelf space.

Just snap a photo of your bookshelves and BitLit will tell you which of your books are eligible. Claiming the books you own is easy, and then you choose your eBook format and start reading.

The service is still fairly new, so you may not get every eBook you were hoping for, but it’s worth checking out if you can get a free copy of that giant computer science or philosophy book you handle daily to lighten your bag load or just enjoy the convenience of an eReader.

Most people take pride in their library, but when you’re in school using all that space when you only have so much to spare can become cumbersome. In addition, you might want to read your old novels or textbooks on your eReader for easy highlighting, note-taking, and proper visual and lighting support.

BitLit is free for iOS and Android users. Watch the demo above to see it it in action.