Modern day schools require a lot of time at a computer to get your work done, but there are certain things your computer can’t do for you that your phone or tablet can–until now.

Pushbullet lets you sync your devices to automatically push files, phone calls, text messages, and links between them and friends.

Just create your account and download the app on your mobile devices, as well as the browser extension or computer app. Log into your account on all of them and you can start using the features. Not only can you push to yourself so you can answer calls and texts from your computer–the most popular perk–but you can also push to other people and have access to channels.

Channels are like RSS feeds, but a little different. Each channel represents a blog, website or business of some sort, and you subscribe to it to receive push notifications whenever it’s updated.

Pushbullet is available for Android, iOS, Windows (Beta), and Mac.

Grab an extension for your browser if you don’t have the right operating system for your desktop, or if you simply prefer the convenience of not opening a separate application if you’re on the browser most of the time anyway.