The career landscape is changing, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s mostly a good thing.

The job market students face today is new and dynamic, making use of social media and reflecting the new reality that most employees “job hop” and do not retire from their first-ever job.

Students Need to Pay Attention to Broader Trends, and Get Ready.

For better or worse, the post-college world is changing.

According to a variety of analysis sites, including Forbes, Time, and Bing Predicts, more and more of the workforce will be impacted by increased entrepreneurship, freelancing, work-from-home trends, and non-traditional career paths.

These experts are saying that hiring practices will shift, meaning that students need to prepare LinkedIn profiles, online portfolio, work at internships, and to network to build relationships with potential future employers.

Secure Careers in a Shifting Workforce

If you don’t see yourself as an entrepreneur or a future member of the “non-traditional” labor economy, here are some suggestions for secure career moves current students can make:

Old Standbys Falling Behind

Bing predicts a decrease in popularity in some formerly secure industry areas, particularly:

Specialty Jobs are “Up and Coming”

Some “new” jobs are topping experts’ lists for up-and-coming opportunities, including

  • Uber drivers
  • Wine and spirits specialists
  • Marijuana-related jobs (in some states)

Some of these changes, particularly shifts toward flexibility and remote working, are trends that will probably inspire many college students of today. Many of us might actually escape the grueling 9 to 5 as an inescapable consequence of being a member of the workforce. But this will require additional work and planning, both as students now and as future employees.