College is a big deal and because of that it can be really stressful. One of the most stressful parts of the college experience is determining an appropriate major for study.

If you’re anything like me, you have obsessed for months over which major you should choose. You’ve called friends, you’ve surfed the internet, you’ve lived in the library for a few months doing research, and even when you’ve decided on something, the odds are, you will probably have second thoughts about your course of study at some point.

I remember reading at least five different books before I came to my final decision over which avenue to take. Some of the majors I found, however, seemed a bit odd!

During my browsing, I stumbled upon the majors below.


College Majors You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

1. Philology- University of Valencia

2. Forestry- Michigan State University

3. Water Management- University of Wisconsin- Madison

4. Scottish Literature- University of Glasgow

5. Metallurgy Engineering- University of Alabama

6. Equine Studies- University of Montana Western

7. Aquaculture- Florida Institute of Technology

8. Adventure Education- Plymouth State University

9. The Beatles, Popular Music and Society- Liverpool Hope University

10. Baking Technology Management- Valencia College

11. Decision Sciences- University of North Texas

12. Popular Culture- Bowling Green State University

13. Poultry Management- Pennsylvania State University

14. Turf and Golf Course Management- Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

15. Nannying - Norland College

16. Education Studies – Empire State College

17. Viking Studies – University of Nottingham

18. Bagpiping- Carnegie Mellon University

19. Citrus Studies- Florida Southern College

20. Farrier Science – Hocking College

21. Race Track Industry – University of Louisville

22. Enigmatology – Indiana University

23. Clownology/Miming - University of Missouri Kansas City

24. Sports Ministry – Liberty University

25. Oriental Medicine/Herbology – Pacific College

26. Global Governance – University of Oxford

27. Milling Science and Management – Kansas State University

28. Arctic Engineering- University of Alaska Fairbanks

29. David Beckham Studies – Staffordshire University

So there you have it, 29 majors you probably haven’t heard of. What do you think? Do any of these majors interest you?

I have yet to meet someone studying or having graduated from the David Beckham Studies program at Staffordshire University, and I highly doubt I will, but reading about these programs is fun nonetheless, even if they aren’t all exactly financially beneficial to study.