Music services like Spotify are really awesome, and are built to be somewhat intuitive, but they can’t read your every mood. Spotify has no idea if it’s okay to repeat songs you’ve heard in the past few hours, or if you like Nickeback based on a station you chose to play.

However, Denied does know all those things, and more. For a mere $3.99 you can save yourself from hitting the skip button left and right, and just let the music play–like the perfect album.

Denied works with Spotify versions 1.0.1 and below (until Spotify approves AppleScripts for later versions), iTunes, and Rdio. Here are some of the rules you can set to make your music listening experience a much, much better one:

  • Block explicit songs. This isn’t usually a big win for college students, but maybe you want to listen to Drake’s station and not have to worry about ASAP Rocky blurting obscenities in your ears when you’re trying to study.

  • Block songs based on artist, title, or album. Listen to a pop station without having to hear Bieber, Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album, or the latest overplayed song on the interwebs and radio.

  • You can also get clever with it and skip songs that have “live” in the title so you don’t get any live performances with questionable quality.

  • Skip repeating songs, and even set the time limit before they’re allowed to repeat again. If you don’t want to hear Lorde’s “Waiting Game” for 8 hours, just say so and Denied will make sure it happens.


Denied is a pretty convenient app, especially for those of us who rely on a certain calibre of music to zone out to while studying and/or working. You can try it out for free from the website, or purchase the $3.99 version in the App Store. It’ll pop up as an icon on your Desktop menu for easy use. Just click to access the drop down menu and get started.