Mac users delight–there’s a free software to help you tone down the distractions during study and thesis times.

It’s called Hocus Focus, and it’s a menu bar utility that hides inactive windows so you don’t have to look at them, or struggle with hiding them yourself when that turtle eating the strawberry looks a lot more fun than Physics.

Its primary function is to hide the applications you’re not using after a certain period of time. The settings make it flexible though.

You can set Hocus focus to hide applications after a certain time, hide right after you move onto another application, or stop hiding apps altogether. It’s designed to “let you work the way you want to”.

How to Use Hocus Focus

When you install the app you’ll see a magic wand icon in your menu bar at the top of your desktop. Click it to see the dropdown menu of all of your open applications. They’ll be separated by “Visible” and “Hidden” sections.

Hover over the app of interest and click the arrow to manually set a time to send the app to the background, or click the settings icon to go to settings and get to profiles–the powerhouse feature that makes the application really convenient and easy to use.

Profiles are presets settings that you manually enter once and save so you don’t have to enter them every time you start the application. That way, when you launch the app (or set it to automatically launch at startup) all you have to do is choose a profile and get to work or play.

The app is free for all to use. Just click this link to get to the website and download it.

(You won’t find it in the Mac App Store. The developer says it allows them to release updates more quickly and add functionality without dealing with Apple’s rejections.)

Overall I’ve checked it out and it seems like a solid little tool.